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2022 464


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Online Training Courses with Labs

IT Exam Must Have - Courses with Practical Labs

Help Yourself Get Certified -Certification Kits - Microsoft-Cisco-CompTIA-VMware

These kits have been developed as a One-Stop shop for canddiates looking to pass a Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, VMware exam, using a web browser you can access all the courses you need.

Courses offer both Practical Labs and video learning with exam simulation so you can test yourself until your ready to sit the exam with access to a mentor and Tips to help, this is a tool you need if you want to pass your exam.

Exam candidates who have already used the Cert Kits have said:

  • The most convenient aspect of the course is that all the units are stored at the same area and are easy accessible.
  • I have found the Exam Simulation is the most valuable section. Indeed, this experience lets us develop a taste of the real exam. The questions are well-thought-out leveraging the most essential areas that probably many people would somehow omit. This exam content is then the most useful learning bit of the entire course.
  • The contents of the Elearning section are very concise emphasizing the most relevant facets of the study program including exercises based on scenarios


These Online courses include Must Have Practical labs which have Pre-configured hardware layouts with accompanying lab guides for fast, convenient access to gain hands on experience. With step-by-step instructions covering thousands of practical tasks across CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft and many more vendors.

Customized e-Learning

Focused on the specific certification video

Exam Quizzes

An easy way to test your knowledge

Online Mentor

Chat or mail with a technical specialist with the same certification

Exam Practice Test

So you can test your readiness for the exam

Tips &Tricks

Portal of notes, tips, articles, links to communities, etc

Courses Include:

CompTIA A+ 901-902-

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 - 2016

Microsoft Windows 8.1-10 Professional

Microsoft Exchange 2013-2016

Microsoft SharePoint 2013-2016

Microsoft C#

Microsoft HTML5


IT Technical Certification Kits Catalogue List - (CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware)- New for 2017