The Sense Quality Promise

The key to the success of our business is the training methodology we use and the reassurance we offer our clients to provide continuous and progressive quality training.

To uphold this success we have created the following standards:

The Sen5e Quality promise:

1. We will deliver quality training using professional instructors who offer real life experience and solutions in their chosen subject.

2. Any training received, which does not meet the pre defined course objectives set or the trainers ability is proved to be in question, the customer will be allowed to receive the training again at no additional cost or receive training vouchers to attend a different course.

3. All courses delivered will receive quality documentation.

The Sen5e Assurance

1. We will, where possible check the delegate/s pre-course knowledge before course commencement.

2. The course will, where possible be tailored to the delegate/s specific needs.

3. Any Trainer used will have a minimum of five years experience

4. Besides the usual quality checks the Trainer will be evaluated on their ability to deliver the agreed content in the time allowed

The Common Sen5e Promise

In any business relationship it is important that both client and supplier work together, this is why we have created the “Common Sense” promise. Sense is committed to understanding our customer’s business, working with our clients to devise flexible solutions, which successfully solve business critical issues, when a training requirement has to be moved or postponed.