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Entry Level Certification for Advanced PC Users, Employees working in the IT industry (non-technical)


Description Objectives Number of Exams to Achieve Certification
CompTIA IT Fundamentals

The exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to identify and explain the basics of computing, IT infrastructure, application and software, software development, database fundamentals and security. In addition, candidates will have the ability to demonstrate their knowledge to:

  • Install Software
  • Establish basic network connectivity
  • Identify/prevent basic security risks
  • Explain troubleshooting theory and preventative
         maintenance of devices
  • One - (FCO - U61)

    Hands-on Skills - Supporting PCs & Windows Desktop

    Description Objectives Number of Exams to Achieve Certification
    Microsoft Windows Operating System Fundamentals 98-349

    (No Pre-requisite knowledge required to attend)

    Understanding operating system configurations (15 to 20%)
    Installing and upgrading client systems (15 to 20%)
    Managing applications (15 to 20%)
    Managing files and folders (15 to 20%)
    Managing devices (15 to 20%)
    Understanding operating system maintenance (15 to 20%)
    One - (98-349)
    CompTIA A+ Core Series is a Vendor Neutral Industry Standard for Launching IT Careers into today's Digital World

    (No Pre-requisite knowledge required to attend)

    Demonstrate baseline security skills for IT support professionals.

    Configure device operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android and iOS and administer client-based as well as cloud-based (SaaS) software.

    Troubleshoot and problem solve core service and support challenges while applying best practices for documentation, change management, and scripting.

    Support basic IT infrastructure and networking & Configure and support PC, mobile and IoT device hardware.

    Implement basic data backup and recovery methods and apply data storage and management best practices

    Two -




    Hands-on Skills - Networking PC's

    Description Objectives Number of Exams to Achieve Certification
    Microsoft Networking Fundamentals 98-366

    (No Pre-requisite knowledge required to attend)

    Understanding network infrastructures (30 to 35%)
    Understanding network hardware (20 to 25%)
    Understanding protocols and services (45 to 50%)
    One - (98-366)
    Windows Server Administraton Fundamentals 98-365

    (Pre-requisite knowledge: Candidates are expected to have some hands-on experience with Windows Server, Windows-based networking, Active Directory, account management and system recovery tools and concepts).

    Understanding server installation (10 to 15%)
    Understanding server roles (25 to 30%)
    Understanding Active Directory (20 to 25%)
    Understanding storage (10 to 15%)
    Understanding server performance management (10 to 15%)
    Understanding server maintenance (15 to 20%)
    One - (98-365)
    CompTIA Network+

    (Pre-requisite knowledge: CompTIA A+ or a minimum of 9 months networking experience recommended).

    Design and implement functional networks.
    Configure, manage, and maintain essential network devices.
    Use devices such as switches and routers to segment network traffic and create resilient networks.
    Identify benefits and drawbacks of existing network configurations.
    Implement network security, standards, and protocols.
    Troubleshoot network problems.
    Support the creation of virtualized networks.
    One - (N10-007)
    Cisco Network Devices CCNA

    (Pre-requisite knowledge: Good understanding of Network Fundamentals).

    Network Fundamentals (20%)
    Network Access (20%)
    IP Connectivity (25%)
    IP Services (10%)
    Security Fundimentals (15%)
    Automation and Programmability (10%)
    One - (200 - 301 CCNA)


    Hands-on Skills - Security

    Description Objectives Number of Exams to Achieve Certification
    Microsoft Security Fundamentals 98-367

    (Pre-requisite knowledge: Assumes understanding of networking).

    Understand Security Layers (25 to 30%)
    Understanding Operating System Security (35 to 40%)
    Understand Network Security (20 to 25%)
    Understand Security Software (15 to 20%)
    One - (98 - 367)
    CompTIA Security+

    (Pre-requisite knowledge: Assumes Undersanding of Networking).

    Threats, Attacks & Vulnerabilities
    Windows Operating Systems
    Technologies & Tools
    Software Troubleshooting
    Architecture & Design
    Identity & Access Management
    Hardware & Network Troubleshooting
    Risk Management
    Cryptography & PKI
    One - (SY0 - 501)

    Hands-on Skills - Cloud

    Description Objectives Number of Exams to Achieve Certification
    Microsoft Cloud Fundamentals Understand the Cloud (20 to 25%)
    Enable Microsoft Cloud Services (20 to 25%)
    Administer Office 365 and Microsoft In-tune (15 to 20%)
    Use and Configure Microsoft Cloud Services (20 to 25%)
    Support Cloud Users (15 to 20%)
    One - (98 - 369)
    CompTIA Cloud+ Configuration and Deployment (24%)
    Security (16%)
    Maintenance (18%)
    Management (20%)
    Troubleshooting (22%)
    (CV0-001 Retires 01/08/19)

    One - (CV0-002)

    Hands-on Skills - Software Development

    Description Objectives Number of Exams to Achieve Certification
    Software Development Fundamentals 98-361 Understanding Core Programming (15 to 20%)
    Understanding Object-Oriented Programming (20 to 25%)
    Understanding General Software Development (15 to 20%)
    Understanding Web Applications (15 to 20%)
    Understanding Desktop Applications (15 to 20%)
    Understanding Databases (15 to 20%)
    One - (98 - 361)


    Theory Based Skills: