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Sense IT Exam Members Club


Shouldn't your exam be treated as being important!

Shouldn't you be allowed to sit your exam in a quiet, purpose built classroom which is conducive to exam study?

Well unfortuantely there are not many companies in the Exam Service industry who share our beliefs.

We are constantly surprised and sometimes shocked, when candidates who have choosen our test centre to sit their exam for the first time choose to describe their experience at other test centres.

We are often told that canddiates have had to endure a less than professional environment to sit an exam, where a candidate has sat an exam in a corner of a working office, cordoned off with a couple of dividers, whilst help desk calls are taken.

Or the fact that the exam station working area was so small, the candidate had to use the floor for their "Open Book" exam, or the candidate who went to sit an exam at a test centre which explained it was near to a train station only to find it was a good twenty minute walk away.

And not forgetting the incredibly busy test centre, which not only covers IT exams, but also Driving Theory tests and Construction exams' all in all not that conduicive for sitting an exam.

The fact is exams are treated as the "poor cousin" in the IT industry for all the usual reasons that you might expect!, which is why we at Sense IT have created the Sense IT Exam Members Club to try and make a difference:

What do you get when you join………


  • Access to our Private Schedule of dates, choose the day and time you need!  

  • Insure against any Admin charge if you have to move your exam! up to 15 days before exam commences ( Charges up to £21.00)

  •  Saturdays available

  • Exam Preparation / Study Room Available

  • We will book your exams for you

  • Cut out the hassle of using the booking website

  •  Discount for multiple exams booked

  • Receive a 20% Discount on practice tests

  • Reduce the Worry! Know the process

A payment of £45 is charged for a six month period.

This does not affect your statutory rights and will not affect your ability to book exams directly through the Pearson Vue & Kryterion exam sites.

Want to Join? Click here to Join