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Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning
Practice Test
Contains 131 Questions, Robust Explanations and references to online information sources.

Price £90.00


The MeasureUp 70-774: Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning practice test is designed to help users prepare for and pass the Microsoft 70-774 exam.
Candidates should be able to prepare data for Azure Machine Learning, develop and deploy machine learning models, and export from Azure Machine Learning. Candidates should also be able to consume Azure Machine Learning models and APIs. Candidates should be able to use Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit to build and use neural networks, streamline development, and use HDInsights and SQL Server R Services on Azure.
Certification: This exam counts as credit toward the following certifications: 
MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

This test contains 131 questions and covers the following objectives:

  • Prepare Data for Analysis in Azure Machine Learning and Export from Azure Machine Learning - 34
  • Develop Machine Learning Models - 27
  • Operationalize and Manage Azure Machine Learning Services - 33
  • Use Other Services for Machine Learning - 37

This test includes references to the following media:

  • MSDN
  • Microsoft TechNet
  • YouTube
  • Web resource
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