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This Months Tip - Practice Tests

This months tip, comes from all the canddiates we see who come through our doors, week in week out and sit exams.

Whether sitting Microsoft, Cisco, Vmware, CIMA exams or any other, remember one thing! the vendors are not interested if you are any good at what you do! What they want to know is:

"Can you do what you need to do the way they want you to do it! "

- Not sure if you can answer that question??

Then maybe you need to give us a call and ask about the Practice tests we have available.

We provide Vendor approved Practice tests, these Practice tests allow you to test your knowledge on your preferred exam, allowing you to continuously test your knowledge using a bank of over 150+ questions, showing you your bench mark knowledge of the subject.

This we believe gives you the best opportunity to prepare your knowledge before sitting the exam,

And what about the courseware or online course you have been studying to prepare for the exam, do you know if it is, vendor approved? how do you know if the course you are studying covers all the subjects covered on the exam, again if your not sure, have a look at practice tests.

The Practice tests average at £70.00 each and with most exams starting at £130.00 it could just save you both money and disappointment if you have to sit the exam again.

There are practice tests available for:







PMP- Project Management Professional


And many, many more.