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PC / Laptop & Server Hire


Sense IT Offers a range of IT Services to complement the training courses we provide, included in this range is the provision of PC / Laptop & Server hire.We offer a comprehensive service which includes:

  • Configuration
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Collection

Whether you require P.C's, Laptops or Servers, Software installation & Configuration.

We are often asked to provide PC's, Laptops & Servers preinstalled with specific software, this is usually when clients require equipment to train their staff.

We offer machines pre-installed with certain Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013, alternatively we are able to install client specific software which will be installed untill the termination of the hire period at which point the software will be removed. We have detailed below an outline of some of the services and prices, for any specific requirments please call or email.

PC Laptop & Server Hire Prices
Dual Core Desktops,(Tower) 4Gb Includes Keyboard, Mouse & 17" LCD Screen, Preinstalled with Windows 7 & Ms Office
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Laptops Dual Core, 15" Colour TFT Screen Preinstalled Windows 7 & MS Office
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Laptops i3 or i5 (depends on availability) 17" Colour TFT Screen 4Gb Memory Preinstalled with Windows 7 & MS Office
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Prices are per PC /Laptop Per Day.