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Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Practice Test
Contains 287 items + 11 simlets, for a total of 334 Practice Questions. Robust Explanations.
Price £90.00


The MeasureUp Cisco 200-125 (CCNA): Certified Network Associate practice test is designed to help candidates prepare for and pass the Cisco CCNA exam.
Candidates should have a good understanding of network fundamentals, including protocols, infrastructure components, architecture and topologies, and IPv4 and IPv6 addressing.
Candidates should have a good understanding LAN switching technologies, switch stacking and chassis aggregation, port security, and threat mitigation and be able to configure, verify, and troubleshoot VLANs, inter-switch connectivity, STP protocols and features, and EtherChannel.
Candidates should understand routing fundamentals, including routing tables, static and dynamic routing, and RIPv2. Candidates should also be able to configure, verify, and troubleshoot inter-VLAN routing, and OSPF and EIGRP for IPv4 and IPv6.
Candidates should also have a good understanding of infrastructure services, such as DNS, DHCP, TFTP, NTP, and NAT. Candidates must also be able to demonstrate an understanding of infrastructure maintenance, including monitoring, device management, device configuration, security, device hardening, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Candidates should also be able to configure monitoring and device management and troubleshoot connectivity issues. Candidates should also be able to configure, verify, and troubleshoot HSRP and access lists for traffic filtering as well as verify ACLS with the APIC-EM Path Trace ACL analysis tool.
Candidates should be able to configure, verify, and troubleshoot WAN technologies, including PPP, MLPPP, PPoE, GRE, and single-homed connectivity using eBGP IPv4 and be able to describe WAN topologies, connectivity options, and QoS concepts.
Certification: This exam counts as credit toward the following certifications:
CCNA Routing & Switching
CCNA Security
CCNA Wireless

This test contains 287 questions and covers the following objectives:

  • Network Fundamentals - 41
  • LAN Switching Technologies - 64
  • Routing Technologies - 72
  • WAN Technologies - 21
  • Infrastructure Services - 26
  • Infrastructure Security - 21
  • Infrastructure Management - 42

This test includes references to the following media:

  • Cisco CCNA Study Guide

Web Resource

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